DOUGLASS Is Up To Something!

The History of Basketball at Douglass High School has been a longstanding one! There is a reason why Douglass HS has one of the best gyms in Oklahoma City. Clearly, the school decided to go in the same direction with the gym in their new hires with the girls and boys basketball teams!

Douglass HS is apart of the Oklahoma City Public School (OKCPS) District. Various teams, coaches and players have a history of success from the OKCPS District! It is great to see new hires who are products of OKCPS; who had high levels of success and are now giving their knowledge back!

Jaelah Rose of Oklahoma City is the NEW head coach for the girls basketball team. Jaelah was previously the head coach at Moon Academy. She is a direct product of Inner Oklahoma City as she is a graduate of Douglass High School. Aside from her alumni status, Miss Rose is also a guidance counselor as well as one of the leading mentors in the school. Coach Rose went and hired other pillars of the community and former OKCPS products with high level knowledge and basketball accomplishments, T'Ona Edwards and Te'Era Warrior as her Assitant Coaches.

T'Ona Edwards or otherwise known as Coach TT, was previously an assistant at the OKC Storm. Coach T is direct product of inner Oklahoma City. She hails from Northeast Academy and is one of the best point guards to come from the state. She helped lead Northeast to multiple state championship titles and continued her playing career at the University of Oklahoma.

Te'era Warrior or otherwise known as Coach Te, is former graduate and all-star of Douglass HS. She is unanimously, unarguably the best Lady Trojan to come from the girls basketball program and forwards of Oklahoma. Coach Te continued her playing career 1st at Butler Junior College then transferring to the University of Tulsa.

Douglass High School is up to something and that something is good! The new coaching staff at Douglass hold as vast level of basketball experience and knowledge on all sides of the game! With game knowledge from former great players and counseling and mentorship of the coaching staff, there is no question if players will succeed being a Trojan or Lady Trojan! Excited to see the program that Douglass will rebuild and bring more pride back to OKCPS Athletics!