The Recruited: Janiyah Has A Wild Week!!

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Janiyah Has A Wild Week!!

Now that summer is officially here, it is a lot easier to travel outside of the state now! In the summer, basketball has time for more opportunities like camps, leagues, and visits. Janiyah Williams is experiencing success from all angles! Young Williams is from Stillwater, Oklahoma and is a Class of 2025. As she enters July exposure month, she is coming of a huge week in June! Many coaches are noticing the young player quickly as they see the type of skill Janiya holds.

Janiyah Williams received her first offer from the Oklahoma State University last Friday and she also just returned homed from a visit at the University of Baylor. Also got word of her great performance at the OU Elite Camp, which will add to her another school on her recruiting list. So far she has one offer, but as an 8th grader and high interest from two other Big 12 programs...that seems like a very bright future!

Stay updated and follow Janiyah on twitter @Janiyahwill_9!


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